Wednesday, December 12, 2012

(Obligatory) Top 3 Party Platters of 2012

Just a quick spew on a few real gassers here that rung my bell in 2012:

  • Shannon & the Clams "Ozma" b/w "Muppet Babies theme" (1-2-3-4 Go! Records)

  • Sort of a tear-jerker on the plug side of this one by the Clams (written about Shannon's departed doggy friend), but chock full o' catchy...all is balanced out by a blastin' b-side of one my fave tv themes from childhood.

  • Link Wray and the Raymen "Big City After Dark" b/w "Hold It + "Dance Party pt. 1 & 2" (Sundazed)

  • Don't wanna hear the guff about this being a reissue to cash in on twirpy Record Store Day--it is a dyn-o-mite double 45rpm release any which way ya spin it, baby...4 classic cuts from Mr. Guitar, comfortable howlin' at home on the hi-fi or scorchin' a strip bar's sound system.

  • the New Surfriders "Kokomo" b/w "Good Vibrations" (Norton Records)

In the pure crazy category is this inept magnum opus: a "rebirth" of the Surfsiders of sorts, all over some latter day Beach Boys noise...and baby is this bonkers! Both tunes use the same backing music and sung in a drunken doo-wop...must be heard to be believed!


Scrappy said...

Great way to shake it on 12/12/12!

Gone with the Schwind said...

That Link Wray track would be great at any party.
I have never enjoyed the song "Kokomo" so much. That is a couple minutes of unmitigated madness. Boss!