Monday, April 30, 2012

the Get Wets bombard Break Edge Drive-In

the Get Wets at Break Edge Drive-In
Get in the mood to get in the throw-back groove, kids...the Get Wets slide into the Break Edge Drive-In at Bey's, May 8th...oldies will be spun, classic flicks will flicker & the Get Wets will do their funky thing with some other turkeynecks...come shake yer chicken legs, baby...and as always, squares beware!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Out Now: We Love Trash featurin' the Get Wets!

The latest and greatest installment in the slop-comp series from GRGPNK Records is sleazin' the soundwaves today:

We Love Trash - the Best of the GaragePunk Hideout vol. 7

...& smack dab in the middle of this garage-slop sandwich is the hit dance hall scatter-platter "Beat Beat" by the Get Wets!

Makes fer a pretty wild party mix & proceeds go to maintain the GaragePunk Hideout social network site...dig it

Friday, April 13, 2012

Burrito Boogaloo with the Get Wets!

the Get Wets! - WUSC Folkcycle Fest Part 2: Burrito Boogaloo

...wah-hee, it's another WUSC party, baby...the wild-wheelin' Get Wets boogaloo it at 9pm on the dot...slide down to el Burrito & bring all the party ya got!

If that ain't enuf boogaloo fer ya, get down to el Whig afterwards fer a real record party packed with the best platters to get ya primed fer the 5th Annual Greater Columbia Record Fair at the Columbia Museum of Art this Sunday, baby!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hooray,'s International Louie Louie Day!

Wah-hee, it's that magical day each year we celebrate the dah-dah-dah, da-dah curiosity created by saint Richard Berry & covered by any soul with a heartbeat...
Everybody "Louie Louie" today, baby!

the Fabulous Blue Jays

Otis Redding

Travis Wammack

How are ya partyin' in proper "Louie Louie" style?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Party Proof--the New Get Wets Do Exist!

the Get Wets - Art Bar
the new Get Wets gettin' wound-up

the Get Wets - Art Bar
just let it rip, kids

Rev. Joe Roberts - Art Bar
Rev. Joe Roberts - sax-blower

Elvin Boone - Art Bar
Elvin Boone - fuzz bass

Byron Chitty - Art Bar
Byron Chitty - baritone guitar

Scotty Tempo - Art Bar
Scotty Tempo - sticks'n'skins

All snapshots courtesy Miss L.E., baby

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

File under: Swell Press fer the Get Wets...

More love fer Columbi-yeah's Premier Party Band from the party pros over at the Free Times today:

The Get Wets
— The appeal of pre-Beatlemania rock ‘n’ roll was its rebelliousness, its unabashed, wild, unruly, subversive-for-teens insouciance. The FBI investigated The Kingsmen after their “Louie Louie” success, worried about rebellious and/or indecent lyrics. The Get Wets were born of the same rock ‘n’ soul basement, their garage slop a wondrously murky din where Jim Stark’s frantic wails careen over the stomp of the rhythm section. There’s been some shake-up in The Get Wets’ camp lately; look for some sax and baritone guitar to make it into the fold. P. Wall
Art Bar: 9 p.m., $5; 929-0198,

We're sorts of excited to debut the new Get Wets, too!...remember, this Easter Eve we're gonna shake all nite!

hop to it, baby!


April 9th, Post-show up-to-update: got to meet 'n' geek with a couple of the folks from fellow SC garage group, the Berries...& there musta been some kinda impression made baby cuz they wrote up some sweet words about the madcap-hap at Art Bar...dig it!