Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Rise 'n' Shine, It's "Louie Louie" Time!

Sorry to be asleep at the wheel for so long, but hey I spun back around just in time for the annual celebratory day of "Louie Louie", baby...so wake, shake 'n' now dig this:

Gettin' goin' with a long-gone girl group rendition by the Angels...just beautiful!

Quite the bugaloo (!?!) beat on this latin "Louie" by Mr. Mario Allison...horn-blowin' and cowbell-bangin' action even!

And finally a new-to-me slab of ol' "Louie" in fine '60s garagepunk form...the Aliens' version on 45rpm with bonus flip of "Gloria"...get hip!

And if yer Faybo-friendly and wanna show yer fandom for all things "Louie Louie", don't sleep on this page!