Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bring me the head of LOUIE LOUIE!

yeah kids, I make no bones 'bout "Louie Louie" being thee finest bit of trash to never toss and damn do I dig hearin' a bunch of no-good, no-counts recycle it one more fer yer audio pleasure and this blog's inaugural Blast of Trash I give ya Herb Gross & the Invictas sleazin' it fer all the "perdy lil' gurls" ...Dig it below:


...a '60s garage groop from rockin' Rochester, NY--baby they gots the sound down! These guys have a tune called "the Hump" fer shits sake, drive around in a Hearse and most importantly, they do Louie proud...

Found an article from USA Today of all rags 'bout the boys tearin' it up still

Buy their Best of from the Forevermore Records label to get more of their great garbage...


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