Sunday, April 11, 2010

Merry Int'l Louie Louie Day, baby!

Hip-hip-hooray, today's the day to celebrate thee LOU-EE LOU-AY!
Once more we bow at the alter of the creator, the revered Richard Berry, and pay homage to the saints of the strange & stupefying sound of dah-dah-dah, da-dah...

This me second time exaltin' the exquisite of Louie Louie, but me think of it oh what'd ya say we party and play two Louies til we lose it?!?

And the perfect party pludge goes to one of my fav rave versions from Don & the Goodtimes and their complete killer!

Don of said band, it needs to be said, was the original keyboardist fer the fateful and famous Kingsmen version...Once Don struck out on his own the Goodtimes decided to destroy it just a short swallow of time later (gotta dig the speed of the '60s churnin' out singles, baby)...but I dig this version cuz it's filled to the gills with lots of go-go-go and the ominous feeling of a full-on fracas freakout!

And now fer a more modern make of sheer savvy silliness put on yer party panties and have a wild one with this group, who I believe to be known as Yopp

How can ya not go nuts to manic melodica action...and they got masks and the moves ya can't lose, too! ...That's what this non-sense is all about...frantic FUN!

Fer more skinny on how to commemorate this crazy day, dig these directions from

Make sure ya pass thru the Louie Report today, too...they's the premier purveyors of peculiar pursuits in the Louie Louie universe...wild!

Oh yeah, dig up last year's I.L.L. Day post... and fan the fantastic Louie Louie over on Facebook, fiends ...dah-dah-dah indeed, baby!

keep on sailin' dem seas...


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