Saturday, December 17, 2011

the Get Wets Have a Gift Just Fer Ya, Baby...

On the high-heels of the 2011 shake-frenzy stampede, the Free Times was cool enuf to include the Get Wets in their Year in Local Music rewind with this bit of haiku poetry baby:

the Get Wets
Whig Out!
Live set at The Whig
Captures The Get Wets’ ragged
Garage-slop glory.

...& to show ya how much we appreciate all the positive press and party-time of this past year here's double gratuity of Get Wets lunacy:

the entire Whig Out! digital doozy of a live album for just one buck-a-roni!

but that ain't all, y'all...
Snag yerself a personal Passport to Partyland™ fer the all new magic number price of just $3!!!

the Get Wets Koozie, baby!