Friday, March 21, 2014

thee Knee Jerks: First the Station, Then the Stage

Now this is the sort of double-booking a beat combo begs to be a part of, baby...

First off thee Knee Jerks prime the pump with some wild live radio fun, on crazy WUSC...tune yer dials today around 4pm to the Columbia Beet and prepare yer earholes for the improbable and implausible sounds via radiowaves that just won't behave!

Then in quick order hitch it over to the finest dive in all of West Cola, where we'll be appearin' again live but this time in-person even, at New Brookland Tavern...we'll be twitchin' & twistin' along with T.C. Costello, Buck Stanley and the Wage Slaves...scoot the boot and as always, squares beware!