Friday, April 4, 2014

Once Again Car-free & Care-free, baby...

Late breaking news from last weekend: an interstate wreck steals our only wheels, so I'm back on solely my heels, baby (don't worry, everybody magically survived with nary a bump, though sadly the same can't be said of the automobile)...once again livin' the life I sing about in my songs and can proudly say "car-free and care-free"!

Oh and least I forget, thee Knee Jerks will be bringin' a bus-load of outta control cray-zay once more to the adorin' Art Bar...we open up the party flood gates at eight so don't be late...after us are three bands, includin' the cool Capital City Playboys long awaited stage return of their brand of rockabilly always get hip and come give us a sip!