Friday, July 31, 2009

Rock'n'Roll Recession Report


Thee fabulous folks at the Whig have decided to go above and beyond the call of recession-time duty...Just announced: Both the Davila 666 show on August 6th & thee Fine Lines show on August 9th will be free...that's right: FREE! That means mo' bucks fer booze, baby...Mo' money fer merch, too! No excuses, there or yer gonna pull out yer hair!

Dig it!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Puerto Rican GaragePunk Storms Cola-town

Holy Shit! After much hoopla, those dirty kids known as Davila 666 are actually gonna go garageslop-nuts all over the fine folks at the Whig on August 6th...just one mo' stop in the Puerto Rican band's "Latin Lingo for Rats & Gringos" tour...& believe the hype hipsters, this show is gonna slay ya! C'mon out and party with easily thee coolest groop from the Isle of Enchantment yet! Kickin' the wildness off with local rockers, the Thirsties...Squares beware, this show will be raw & rare!

don't forget thee Fines Lines show the followin' Sunday, August 9th! Gonna be one helluva ball y'all...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Missouri GaragePunk Greats Come to Cola-town

That's right, kids! Bring yer butts & shakin' shoes out to the Whig August 9th fer a nite of live garagepunk from Missouri's thee Fine Lines plus a groovy record after-party bestowed by the Greater Columbia Society for the Preservation of Soul...starts in the early evenin', ends when the party's pooped! Be there or eat yer soiled underwear! Show thee 'Lines that Cola-town knows how to get down to the garagepunk sound!

Dig it!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lat-Teens do Likeable "Louie Louie"

Bored as a piece o' wood at work today brings be back to my eternal search fer "Louie Louie" phenomenons...skippin' & skimmin' thru all the internets I fell on this version by a latin soul group from the late '60s lovingly labeled as the Lat-Teens...nice! (lil' shing-a-ling anyone?)

I'm a bit stunned by this one, kids, as it neither falls into the real raucous nor ruinous categories...but it gave me a swig of "Louie" refreshment, so can't say this number don't hold's a bit of the mild salsa, cha-cha and I have little info to back any of this up other than what wild wisdom is over at Funky 16 Corners (specifically Larry Grogan's 'Soul With An African Twist' article)...

This is a shock--one foot in a puddle, lightnin' strike shock, baby...I really dig Caribbean music and this "Louie" may be a new lynch-pin in my love and lunacy fer this song...I'm comin' to terms with my out and out swoon fer '60s ska (and most all other close musical cousins) and now that my eyes are open I can see thru the Bermuda Triangle of musical twists and turns of my life and, if I squint just right, what it was Richard Berry ("Louie Louie" originator, natch) saw & heard in that dah-dah-dah. da-dah. a long time ago...

"Louie dug the scene, didn't take long..."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In the mood fer a laff...

In the annals of bad comedies ya'd be wise to not suffer thru the embarrassment of the 1953 flick, the Caddy. Even starrin' the marvelous movie-moronic-duo, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis (and poor Donna Reed hangin' on fer mercy), this picture could not and would not be saved by any amount of totaled why bother bringin' it up?
Well the highlight here kids is a hilarious "blooper" reel of Martin & Lewis yukkin' it up with dirty mouths durin' what I'm sure even they were aware was a pointless promo spot fer a failure of a flick...but what came outta this session is the real comedy chemistry between these two entertainment-ville elites & a real gone laff-fest! Dig it below:

& fer those eager to get their grubby hands on this, good luck! But it may be worth the hunt cuz this blooper track and much more zaniness can be found on the Psycho Serenade comp-i-lation LP (on the Beware label)...a real mixed blast of bugged-out tunes and audio clips that's enuf to drive ya batty...wreck-o-mended, baby!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

thee Crucials - Give Me...A Keg...Of Beer

Let me say all this noise right here at kick-off:

* I LOVE this groop...lots.

* Full Disclaimer: I got mentioned in the liner notes ...what fer, I ain't quite sure...maybe they knew I'd review their album and give it a glowin' write-up...actually maybe just cuz me & Shake are buds...let's not harp on this, kids...I partied too hardy last nite and I just need to listen to Give Me... & get my head on straight...

Now that I got that outta the way, the review:

Rabid rockers and frantic, full-on fits of garage goodness...thee Crucials did an amazin' job of capturin' their live likeness on this, their first long-play album on Kaiser Records. The record spreads a pretty wide swath of party pounders, some brand new and some tried-and-true tunes...and we're all lucky that the band known fer crazed live shows could actually get this insanity down on easy feat I'm pos-i-tive, baby.

What thee Crucials have here fer the years are not only some of the catchiest choruses and licks but tunes that demand not only the attention of yer head, but mo' importantly to me, yer feet! I wish more bands had the wherewithal to keep it fun (but not overly silly)...this band's album continues the time honored tradition of acknowledgin' "what they doin' ain't got no soul...gonna show ya how to rock'n'roll" shakes, it stomps, it sears yer ears!

There's a lil something fer all the garage fiends: fuzz-busters like "Crucials Are Go!" & "She Loves Her, Yeah", open-heart, loud lovesongs like "Doe Eyes" & "Now You Gotta Break My Heart", plus simple shindig starters such as "Can't Sit Still", "You Ain't the One" & "Squares Beware"...A total listenin' experience to lose yer mind, baby...dig it!

I'm also ecstatic & proud that upon multiple listens it's clear that thee Crucials are takin' back the title of "frat-party fracus" music from the grips of mainstream morons...y'all can file this swell LP in with Paul Revere, Sam the Sham, the Woggles, & the Untamed Youth, not that DMB gar-bage!

You need this one, least two copies cuz yer gonna wear out the first one, guaranteed!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Yeah I gotta band, wanna fight about it?

Hey kids the rumors are true! (no not those rumors...)
It's lookin' like my many years of plannin' & plottin' fer total maniac-party music-makin' may be finally comin' to fruition...that's right, I finally have folks deranged enuf to attempt a garagepunk band with Cola-town, even!! I give ya, the Get Wets...

Stay tuned suckers fer actual live-in person performances...dig it.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Let's All Get on the Same Page Here...

Fer all y'all playin' along at home ya may be wonderin' why I had two blogs, one fer my old radioshow (Rock'N'Roll Radio)/new podcast (Wild Wild Sound) and one fer my random blatherin's (Raunchy Noise) ...well wonder no mo', kids!

Just today I made the leap to merge the two blogs into one mega-blog...dah, dah, daahhh.

So now anyone typin' into their bop-ity browser will be whisked away to this very blog...magical isn't it?
Oh, & I just bought me, too (this sucker should go live very soon...once the authorities make sure everything's on the up 'n' up....suckers)

So now ya know ...and knowin's half the battle, baby